Singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer in Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Blue Ridge Rangers, John Fogerty solo albums

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The Tale of the Bank at Nassau - An enduring myth in Creedenceland, these are the facts of John Fogerty (and the rest of the band) bad financial deal. Article by Graham Niven.

"...It's nice to be back..." - Audio from John Fogerty's greeting at the Farm Aid 1985 concert.

"...20 Years of Pain..."- Audio from John Fogerty's speech to the Vets at the Vietnam Benefit Show.

"... I'm especially happy to be singing it for you." - Audio from John Fogerty introducing Proud Mary at the Bill Graham Benefit, with The Grateful Dead.

"...Is that thing on?..." - Audio from John Fogerty dealing with technical problems at the 1969 Woodstock Music Fair.

The Guitars of CCR - John Fogerty's love affair with Les Paul Custom guitars.Article by Graham Niven.Required reading.

John Fogerty FAQs - All the Frequently Asked Questions about John Fogerty's career. By Graham Niven New gif


1- Blue Ridge Rangers
2- John Fogerty
3- Centerfield
4- Eye Of The Zombie
5- Hoodoo - The Album That Never Was - A required reading review of a mythical work. Next best thing as having the album itself. By Graham Niven.

The Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame CD - On September 1996 was issued the 2CDs set of the inaugural concert of the R'n R Hall of Fame. Disk one features 2 John Fogerty performances. Rolling Stone magazine did this piece. PLUS: CD booklet notes (on Fogerty only), album cover picture, and a review.
Features: Born on the Bayou - Sample of John Fogerty at the Rock Hall Concert. WAV audio file.

John Fogerty's Duet with Carl Perkins
- Released on October 15, 1996, Perkin's GO CAT GO features Fogerty on opening tune. Link to the full CD in Real Audio Format. Reviews by River-Rising members Dana Doak and Adam Bryant.

Discography - Unofficial, by Robert Aerts from Belgium. The most complete database ever of John Fogerty LPs and CDs not authorized by the Artist. Please read Disclaimer



John Fogerty at DeSalvo's - Chicago, 1988
"For a Chicago based John Fogerty fan, it was a dream come true. Fogerty, backed by a power-house Chicago blues band, performing in a small blues bar..." Review by Dave Joens.

House of Blues Performance - As seen by L.A. Times Music Critic Mr. Robert Hilburn.

John Fogerty at the Rock and Roll of Fame - Sept. 1995. Link to a Review of J.C. Fogerty's performance at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Concert, report by Michael Goldberg from Addicted to Noise.

The 1996 Internet Interview - Interview submitted through the Web in 1996 by Gary Jackson.

The 'Tumatoe' Interview - On occasion of Fogerty's production of this album. Source not known.


Best 'Fake' Messages - John Fogerty doesn't post to the Web. It was inevitable that fakes messages started to appear. These are the best. This practice should not be encouraged.




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