John Fogerty FAQS

by Graham Niven, NC.

John Cameron Fogerty
Born 5/28/45 in Berkeley, California.

A no-nonsense producer able to put his albums together for about $2,000 while other rock albums can easily cost upwards of $50,000. to produce. He is quiet, but not moody. He likes a laugh but isn't  a joker. He can be terribly serious, but never unpleasant. Musical influences: Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, early Elvis, Carl Perkins and Little Richard. (From the original CCR fan club bio, 1970.)

The first song on the CENTERFIELD release completed was, "I SAW IT ON TV", written by John while fishing in a small boat. This was the end of the nagging "songwriter's block" Fogerty suffered for many years.

John was actually in a hot tub of water with a real Fender Stratocaster on the cover photo for BLUE
MOON SWAMP. The guitar was dried out and saved after the photo session was done.

Approximately 50 drummers were used at one time or another during the making of BLUE MOON SWAMP. All of the drummers used a drum kit provided and adjusted by John himself.

John Fogerty was against doing music videos after completing the CENTERFIELD album. He felt music videos might put a perspective on his songs other than what the individual listener might otherwise visualize.Fogerty later embraced the idea of visualizing his songs. It was his idea to use Will Vinton's Claymation studios, one of the best in the world, to integrate the Claymation animated scenes with real scenes of John in the VANZ KANT DANZ, video produced in mid 1985. The result was one of the most original rock videos ever produced. 

The blue Phil Kubicki Stratocaster body custom made guitar John is holding on the cover of the April 1985 "Guitar Player" magazine, and seen later in the VANZ KANT DANZ video was stolen in mid 1985 during a break-in at John's office and rehearsal house.

Of all the instruments John has learned to play to make his music, the fiddle was the hardest for him to master he says. He learned to play the fiddle for the BLUE RIDGE RANGERS album, his first one man band solo album released in 1973.

On the "John Fogerty's All Stars" television special, on-stage during the recording of the live song sets, there was a CCR era Kustom 2 x 15 speaker cabinet behind John. During the 1997 BLUE MOON SWAMP tour, Fogerty used one of the old Kustom 200 amps from the CCR era for two songs in his set, SUZIE Q and I PUT A SPELL ON YOU. The rolled and tucked Naugahyde black Kustom amps were part of CCR's trademark  during their career. The Kustom amps were built in 1968 and 1969, and in addition to the guitars, huge Kustom 400 amps and cabinets were used for the band's PA system on tour. CCR was very loud during their live shows, but the sound was not distorted and the dynamics were as good or better than any top live act at the time. Kustom Electronics now makes police radar detector, rolled and tucked in black Naugahyde.

John's guitar amp of choice from the mid eighties through the early 1990's was the Seymour Duncan
Convertible tube amp, the setup was a 4x12 cabinet and separate amp head.

The CENTERFIELD album was mixed by John to sound good on car stereo systems. 

John used Mesa/Boogie and Marshall guitar amps, in addition to the Seymour Duncan amps, for the guitars on "Centerfield". 

The opening riff of THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD was played on a Washburn Eagle or Falcon series thru-body electric guitar.

Fogerty used this guitar on the Welcome Home Vietnam Vets concert in 1987, and in many other live performances. 



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