John Fogerty is a featured guest artist
in latest Carl Perkins CD released on 15 October 1996

Go Cat Go ALbum Cover GIFComplete CD in Real Audio at the Audionet Web Site.First song "All Mama's Children" features John Fogerty. Real Audio free Plug-In and 28.8 Kbps connection required.

Album release information and Review by Dana Doak.




News and Article by Dana Doak

Official release of John Fogerty's first new studio-recorded guitar and vocal performance since the 1986 "Eye of the Zombie" sessions: "All Mama's Children", a duet with Carl Perkins on Carl's brand new album [released Tuesday 10/15 in the USA] entitled "Go Cat Go!"

Carl has assembled many legends of popular music in the various 17 songs on this record (including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Bono, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson), but perhaps as a sign of his enormous respect for John, "All Mama's Children" opens the album as cut # 1! And John Fogerty's vocals open the song. I had not heard the song before hearing it here, but it's a bouncy little rockabilly tune in the "Honey Don't" and "Boppin' The Blues" mold. John and Carl trade vocal verses between alternate guitar leads, with some harmonizing of both in the latter part of the tune. A neat touch is John's happy cry of "Carl!" to introduce Mr. Perkins' middle guitar lead. John's guitar playing is clearly identifyable, although he and Carl are kindred spirits in playing a similar rockabilly style. John's vocals are in the mid-to-higher-end range that has been more prominent since his "Centerfield" album. Could this be more John's personal choice to fit this particular song than an indicator that John has a harder time reaching the lower range often employed in his Creedence days? The song was produced and mixed by Bob Johnston, Andrew Monroe and Don Robert Johnson. It features:
Carl Perkins - Vocals and Lead Guitar
Howie Epstein - Bass
lee Rocker - Stand-up Bass (of the Stray Cats!)
Keke McCullough - Guitar
Curt Bisquera - Drums
Label - BMG Distribution, 76401-84508-4 - Dinosaur Entertainment
The cover is yellow with a pair of crossed blue suede shoes on it. At the top, above the shoes, is Carl Perkins signature, then Carl Perkins" printed, then the title "Go Cat Go!"
My advice: Run right down to your local record store and buy this record NOW, if only for this one song (although a number of the other tunes are cool too). Hallelujah!



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