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  • Graham's Creedence Memoirs

    - "I've been a Creedence Clearwater Revival fan since day one. In 1970 I was an honorary member of their fan club. In August of 1970, I saw the band at a concert in Jacksonville Florida. Booker T & The MG's..."

  • The Guitars of CCR - Part one in a series.

    "Once used as a graphic on Creedence's business cards and other promotional items, the Gibson Les Paul Custom is perhaps THE guitar most associated with John Fogerty and the CCR days..."

  • Hoodoo Reviewed by Graham -

    "Hoodoo" is the album from John Fogerty that never was. Some background information to show how this situation occured is in order. When Creedence Clearwater Revival split up..."

  • The Castle Bank Affair -

    "...Here's what I've discovered. To my knowledge, most of this information has never been thoroughly researched or published. Anyone who has any additional information or contradictions to this information is encouraged to address the issue..."

  • Creedence FAQs -

    Creedence Clearwater's Frequently Asked Questions. Everything you wanted to know about the band but couldn't choogle...

  • Other Stuff

  • Graham's Bio -

    "A native of North Carolina, Graham Niven is an award winning freelance writer-photographer, primarily covering the popular NASCAR Winston Cup racing circuit. A long time supporter of Greenpeace, Niven builds..." Feturing the Turkish Angora.


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