Graham Niven's semi-official Bio

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Graham Niven A native of North Carolina, Graham Niven is an award winning freelance writer-photographer, primarily covering the popular NASCAR Winston Cup racing circuit. A long time supporter of Greenpeace, Niven builds Bluebird boxes and posts them in a wide area of southeastern North Carolina. His photographs of local wildlife have been published in numerous magazines and used on calendars.

Niven is a regular competitor in regional match and sport firearms competition. His skill with a handgun has earned him numerous trophies and several rare handgun prizes. A pilot since the age of 18, Niven is the subject of local lore for making a dramatic one wheel landing in a Piper Cub after he shot out the left side tire with a .357 Magnum while circling a pond and shooting at stumps from the air.

Married and happily divorced with no children, Niven spends his free time fishing the numerous small freshwater lakes and coastal waters of North Carolina. He plays guitar "semi-regularly" with a local band of long time friends. Niven holds an AAS degree in Electronic Technology, which serves him well in the digital world of music and life today.

Niven resides near Fort Bragg NC with his girlfriend and a white TURKISH ANGORA male cat with blue eyes.

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