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The River Rising is the only open and free World Wide Mailing List for CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and JOHN FOGERTY fans. It covers topics of the classic band, its members, the current activities of former band members John Fogerty and Stu Cook/Doug Clifford Creedence Clearwater Revisited band, and is a special place for the memory of Tom Fogerty. Strong opinions are voiced at the List but this Web Site remains non-commited to either side.

What is a Mail List? A Mail List is a group of people with an Internet connection who register to a centralized email distribution system. Messages sent by one member to the List is automatically forwarded to the other members by the List Computer (the Server.)


How many messages per day does this List handle? The River Rising Mail List delivers up to 20 messages per day as of April 1998. The number of messages increases when John Fogerty and or Creedence Clearwater Revisited hit the road. Expect a significant increase too,  after release of PREMONOTION and RECOLLECTION, the live CDs by John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revisited, respectively.


What do I need to Post to the List? Besides typing in the right address that is disclosed to you upon registering, there are no special qualifications to post messages. The fact of registering enables you to post right away. Please see the List Charter below. Language in use is English.


Who is on this List? On average, some 200 members.The List gathers CCR and John Fogerty fans from the U.S.A. and Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Germany, Finland, Holland, Norway, Sweeden, South America and many other countries. When you join, you're in for a BIG surprise!
The listing of registered members is confidential and known to the List Mnagement only. It is not sent to any other member nor third parties, not even by request and cannot be accessed from outside the server.


What happens to my messages? Your messages get delivered to the List Members. By posting them, you agree to their publication at the River Rising Web Site unless otherwise stated in the message or privately signaled out to the List Manager.


How much do I have to pay? Membership to the List is free.


What if I use an Internet Remailer service? If you use an Internet Remailer service like USA.NET or HOTMAIL.COM, you can register through it and use it, but please be aware that the List Managers may ask you to identify yourself privetely with them. This information will remain confidential at all times.
How do I leave the List
We don't want that. But if you insist, members can cancel their registration at any time simply by sending a message to the Server (majordomo@dcc.uchile.cl) with the word UNSUBSCRIBE  (nothing else) in the "contents" area of the message (you can leave the"subject" window blank).
Who runs the List? The List is pretty informal. The legal owner of the List is Javier Diaz, a lawyer who lives in Santiago,Chile - South America. The List runs on the computers of the Computer Science Department of the University of Chile, which provides the medium only and is not to be held responsible by the List contents. You can contact the U.S.A. manager too, Graham Niven, in North Carolina.

The River Rising Mail List Charter

"This Mailing List is primarily devoted to freewheeling and open discussions about the rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival; John Fogerty; Tom Fogerty; Creedence Clearwater Revisited; and Stu Cook-Doug Clifford. Topics should ideally revolve around the band and its members, but no specific limits are imposed on your discussions.We trust that all List Members can judge for themselves when a thread or discussion needs to be taken private. Most of all, you are invited to have fun, which is after all what music is all about. Observing the rules of Netiquette; avoiding political, religious and sexual topics, is strongly recommended. Posting other people's private mail here or this List messages elsewhere will have the offending party removed from the List.

If you use an Internet Remailer service, please be aware that the List Managers may ask you to identify yourself privately with them. This information will remain confidential at all times.

Please, no chain mail nor spam at the List. Failure to comply shall bring your removal from it."

To join, simply send a message to majordomo@dcc.uchile.cl with  this text only in the  body of the message: Subscribe River-Rising  Please remember under which email address you subscribed. You'll need that information to have the email address removed from the List should you desire to leave it.

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