The Most Complete List of C C R and John Fogerty Unofficial Releases

by Robert Aerts - Belgium



Unofficial recordings [aka Bootlegs] are recordings of artists' public performances made by private persons on their own initiative, transferred later to a CD or LP and distributed or sold privately and independently from the artists' recording labels. General opinion states that those recordings are in violation of international copyright regulations. However, in some countries a public performance belongs to the public domain, therefore privately publishing and selling the records is regarded as a legal operation. The rule is for artists not allow these practices since the artists that wrote and performed the songs don't get money for it.

There are good quality and bad quality recordings, depending on the source. Sometimes however these recordings are a nice -and many would say, a necessary - addition to the artists legal recordings since concerts and shows are seldom published by the official labels. I'm happy I'm not a Beatles or Stones collector because then I would have had not enough money to buy them because of their number. In the case of CCR/Fogerty there's not so much Official material available at the moment, so I guess some of these recordings - if after due consideration of the issue you decide to buy them - can add something extra to your collection.

The LPs and CDs below are not listed here for sale nor to encourage sales. I only list them to let you know what's available or what was available. If you see other than those listed here please contact me. All efforts have gone into making this as complete as possible. Also if you have any question on official singles, LP's or CDs concerning Creedence Clearwater Revival and related acts, contact me, I'll try to help you whenever I can.

Robert Aerts


1 - LP, CCR,"Creedence Clearwater Revived", Live in San Francisco, 7-4-71
Matrix number: HH CC 1/2,1971.
Songs: Born on the bayou, Green river,It Came Out of The Sky, Door to Door, Travelin' Band, Fortunate Son, Commotion, Lodi, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, Up Around the Bend, Hey Tonight, Sweet Hitch Hiker.
Comments: This LP has the original trolley sleeve and it came from an FM broadcast, so pretty good quality.
2 -LP, CCR,"The best of CCR live: Revived", Live in San Francisco,7-4-71
Label: Record Revolution CC 1/2,1971
Songs: same as number 1
Comments: This LP has a brown drawn sleeve and I still wonder which one came first, LP number 1 or this one?Who knows?
3 - LP, CCR, "Creedence Clearwater Revival", compilation LP 1971
Label:CP stereo 909
Songs: Up Around the Bend, Traveling Band, Run Through the Jungle, Fortunate Son, Green River, Who'll Stop the Rain, Bad Moon Rising, Down on the Corner, Proud Mary, Lodi, Lookin' Out my Back Door, Cotton Fields, Born on the Bayou, Commotion, I Heard it through the Grapevine, Midnight Special.
Comments: These are no live tracks,it's a compilation record without picture cover but on a unofficial label.
4 - LP, CCR, "Live at the Fillmore East", New York City 1969
Label: Cosmo Records KRV 598,1969
Songs: Born on the Bayou, Walk on the water, Bootleg, Lodi, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, 99 and a 1/2, I put a spell on you.
Comments: My copy has number 348 on it, limited edition. It's a fair stereo copy from an audience tape. Pretty rare I guess
5 - LP, CCR,"The world's greatest travelin' band", Royal Albert Hall London,4-14-70
Label: Ruthless Rhymes ltd, approx. 1985
Songs: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Tombstone Shadow, Traveling Band, Fortunate Son, Commotion, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, The Night Time is the Right Time, Good Golly Miss Molly, Keep on Chooglin'
Comments: Excellent recording from an original BBC broadcast. This LP is available on black vinyl and also on multicolored vinyl.
6 - LP, CCR, "Very best of...", Fillmore West 7-4-71
Label: OZ, release 1986
Songs Listed (wrongly) on cover: Born on the Bayou, Walk on the Water, Bootleg, Lodi,Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, 99 and a 1/2, I Put a Spell on You. The real songs are listed under number 1.
Comments: Only saw this one on blue and on green vinyl, No black?
7 - LP, CCR,"Live in the USA 1971"
Label: BR-13868-5,1986
Songs: Bad Moon Rising, Lodi, Keep on Chooglin', Traveling Band, Fortunate Son, Commotion, Hey Tonight, Green River, Born on the Bayou, Up Around the Bend, Who'll Stop the Rain, Down on the Corner, It Came out of the Sky, Proud Mary.
Comments: These songs came from the very limited Radioshow LP called"Retrorock" A radioshow is a show put on LP (or CD now) for use in radiostations. They play it on the radio and afterwards they (normally) must destroy the record. Good quality.Only very limited quantities exist. This radioshow had songs on it from the Fillmore West concert (see number 1) and songs live from Oakland,CA.january 31 1970. The full radioshow is copied on this record, without the commercials which are on every radioshow.
8 - LP, CCR, "Live at the Fillmore East june 1971."
Label: Roots Records USA,1987
Songs: same as number 7
Comments: same an number 7, so wrongly stated as Fillmore East.
9 - LP, CCR, "Revival at the Fillmore West"
Label: Box Top Records,1984
Songs: Same as on number 1
Comments: First 50 copies were pressed on translucent gold vinyl,the rest on black.
10 - LP, CCR, "Deep in the Blues", Los Angeles 1970 studio sessions with Booker T.
Label only says: Promotional copy, not for sale.1985.
Songs as listed: Instrumental, 99 and a 1/2, Proud Mary, Deep in the Blues, Down on the Corner.
Comments: Wrongly titled as Los Angeles studio session, this was a jam session at the factory in Berkeley CA., jan. 31,1970. Poor quality. A very good copy appeared ten years later in 1995. (See further on the list)
11 - LP, CCR,"Creedence Clearwater Revival".(live at Oakland Colliseum,1-31-70)
Label: Still alive,Still 015,1995.
Songs: Bad Moon .Rising,Who'll stop the Rain, Green River, Keep on Chooglin', Don't look Now, Tombstone Shadow,
Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, TheNight Time, Fortunate.Son, Travelin.Band,Commotion.
Comments:This LP is the first (and only so far) Picture Disc from CCR.On one side there's a picture of all 4 taken at an airport, on the b-side a Grand Canyon look-a-like picture.
12 - CD,CCR :"Crackin' Up"(Royal Albert Hall, London,April 14th,1970)
Label:The Genuine Pig Records TGP CD 119,1990.
Songs: Born on the Bayou,Green .River,Tombstone Shadow.,Travelin Band, Fortunate.Son, Midnight Special ,Bad Moon Rising, Proud.Mary; The Night Time, Good Golly Miss Molly, Keep on Chooglin'.
13 - CD,CCR: "Space Cowboy"" Live at Fillmore East,March 1970"
Label:Vulture CD 04,1990.
Songs: Bad Moon Rising, Lodi, Keep on Chooglin', Travelin'Band, Fortunate.Son, Commotion, Hey Tonight, Green.River, Born on the Bayou, Up Around the Bend, Who"ll stop the Rain, Down on. the Corner, It Came Out of the Sky; Proud Mary.
Comments:The title ans song names are misprinted, all songs are from the Fillmore West concert (See LP number 1)
14 - CD,CCR:"Woodstock'69"(August, 16, 1969)
Label: Great Dane Records GDR CD 8913, 1989
Songs: Born on the Bayou, Green River, 99 and a Half, Bootleg, Commotion, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary., I Put a Spell on You, The Night Time, Keep on Chooglin', Suzie Q
Comments: This one is said to be legal, and it's still in the shops over here?? Begining part of Bayou and ending of "Night time" are missing. Commotion, 99, Green River and Spell became official available on the 1994 box set: Woodstock, Three days of peace and music, a remaster of the original issue.
15 - CD,CCR: "Recorded live at Fillmore West"
Label: Back Trax CD 488012, 1990
Comments: same recording as number 1 on the list
16 - CD,CCR: "Travellin' band"
Label: Alegra CD 9046, 1995
Comments: Same as number 11 on the list
17 - CD,CCR: "Creedence Clearwater Revival live"
Label: DV More records CDDV 2038, 1991
Songs: Same as number 7 of the list.
Comments:The sleeve wrongly indicates: Live at the Fillmore East, March 1970.
18 - CD,CCR: "Rockstars in concert"
Label: 6127022
Songs: 14 songs from number 7 on the list plus 3 songs from Woodstock: Spell, 99 , Night time...
Comments:Again this CD says wrongly it's live from the Fillmore East.
19 - CD,CCR: "Live USA"
Label: ISD Records CD 152.050
Songs:See number 1 on the list.
20 - CD,CCR: "Travelin' band,The easy rider generation in Concert"
Label: Nota Blu Musica, 9401191, 1994.
Songs:See number 11 on the list(Oakland Colisseum)
21 - CD,CCR:"Proud Mary"
Label: On Stage, CD 12011, 1991.
Songs: Same as number 7 on the list
Comments: Wrongly indicated as Fillmore East, March 1970.
22 - CD,CCR: "Green River"
Label: Black Panther ABP-084, 1993,Japan.
Songs:Same as number 14, so the Woodstock performance.
Comments:same as number 14, maybe a little better quality, but same mistakes.
23 - CD,CCR and Booker T. Jones:"Fantasy session '70"
Label: Mainstreet MST 101, 1995.
Songs: Same as on number 10 on the list.
Comments: A much better quality recording than "Deep in the Blues", the disturbing sound is reduced to a minimum.Great Jam session.
24 - CD,CCR: "Concert series live"
Label: CS 010 AMCOS, Australia
Songs: All are from Oakland,see concert number 11.
Comments:Most of the songs are not complete.
25 - CD,CCR:"Rock on the road,Live in Oakland 1970"
Label: MUM MUCD 016, 1996.
Songs: All songs from Oakland(see number 11) plus four songs from Woodstock: (see number 14 for details) 99, Bootleg, Spell, Suzie Q.
26 - CD,CCR: "The Creedence clearwater Revival live"
Label: DV More Records, CDDV 2038, 1995
Songs:Same as number 7 on the list.
Comments:Same label and number as release number 17, released 4 years earlier.
27 - 2CD set,CCR:"Look behind collection"
Label: LB 006 A/B, 1992.
Songs: This one contains 32 studio songs, which you probably all know, no live recordings here, but a bootleg pressing for sure.
28 - 4 CD set,Various Artists:"The lost performances."1 CD is CCR live at Woodstock.
Label: Great Dane Records GDR 9412/ABCD.
Songs: Disc three has the Woodstock songs on it, see number 14 for track listing.
Comments: Nice packaging with 44 page booklet with many beautiful pictures from the event.Other artists involved are: Janis Joplin, Who, CSN+Young, etc..., all songs that didn't appear on the first official Woodstock records.


1 - LP, John Fogerty, "Welcome home". (Different sources)
No label, matrix number JFWH A/B,1988
Songs:1. Born On the Bayou, 2. Down on the Corner, 3. WHo'll Stop the Rain, 4. Up Around the Bend, 5. Midnight Special, 6. Bad Moon Rising, 7. Fortunate Son 8. Proud Mary, 9. Headlines, 10. I Found a Love, 11. Change In the Weather.
Comments: 1 to 8 are from a stereo broadcast from Capital Center, Washington DC, July 4 th 1987. Songs 9,10 and 11 are from an audience tape made at the Oakland Colliseum, CA. December 7th. Good quality!
2 - LP, John Fogerty, "Hoodoo". Different sources.
Label: Joy and Fun 001,1985
Songs: 1. You got the Magic, 2. Between the Lines, 3. Leave my Woman Alone, 4. Marching to Blarney, 5. The Old Man Down the Road, 6. Vanz Kan't Dance, 7. Knock on Wood, 8. Hoodoo man, 9. Telephone, 10. Evil Thing, 11. Henrietta, 12. On the Run, 13. No Love in You, 14. Rock and Roll Girls.
Comments: songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are from the unreleased 1976 solo LP. Songs 5, 6 and 7 are from the Farm Aid concert, Sept. 22, 1985. Songs 13 and 14 are from the Allstars Special, Chaplin Stage, LA. 1/31/85.
3 - 2LPs set, John Fogerty, "Rocking All Over the World Tour, 1986". Recorded live at the Great Woods Amphitheatre, Mansfield, Mass. September 14, 1986.
Label: Real Rock Records 001,1986
Songs: Mr.Greed, Vanz Kant Danz, Knockin' on Your Door, Old Man Down the Road, Centerfield, Wasn't that a Woman, Violence is Golden, Eye of the Zombie, Sail Away(JCF), Sooth me, Mary don't you Weep, Going Back Home, Big Train(From Memphis), Soda Pop, Change in the Weather, Rock and Roll Girls, Knock on Wood, Rocking all Over the World.
Comments: Good stereo copy from audience tape, 300 copies made, white vinyl only.
4 - LP, John Fogerty/CCR :"The Old Man is Back",Different sources.
Label: Bird Brain Records BBR 009
Songs: A1:Born on the Bayou; ,A2:Down on the Corner, A3: Who'll Stop The Rain, A4:Up Around The Bend, A5: The Midnight Special, A6: Bad Moon Rising, A7:Fortunate Son - B1:Bad Moon Rising, B2: Lodi, B3:Keep on Chooglin, B4: Travein Band, ,B5: Fortunate Son, B6: Commotion, B7: Hey Tonight.
Comments:A1 to A7 are from the Welcome home Vietnam Vets concert(see John Fogerty number 1)
B1 to B7 are from Fillmore West(See CCR LP number 1). Some sleeves have "John Forerty "misprinted.
5- 2LP set,John Fogerty,"Through the Years",different sources.
Label:Hot Pepper Records 001
Songs as listed on LP:
LP1:All 9 Hoodoo songs (see John Fogerty number 2 on the list)
LP2:Let's go, I'm singing Mary, Pretty Baby, Till down, There's no love in you, R+R girls, My toot toot, I'm a man.
Real songlist: LP1, A-side and LP2, A-side contain the 9 Hoodoo songs.
LP1, B-side and LP2, B-side contain: Let's go,let's go/I need your lovin', Mary don't you Weep, My Pretty Baby, Leave my Woman Alone, I Confess, No love in You, R+R girls,My toot toot, Mannish Boy.(These songs are all from Chaplin Stage, Hollywood,CA,1/31/85 except My Toot Toot which comes from a promo
video with Rockin'Sidney and his band)
Comments:There are black vinyl copies with a blue sleeve and Yellow vinyl copies with a yellow sleeve.The A-side and B-side pictures from the blue sleeve are reversed on the yellow sleeve.
6-LP,Various artists,"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"
Llabel:Rock Records LC 0886,1988.
Songs:contains "Born on the bayou" John Fogerty together with Bruce Springsteen, recorded live at the 3rd annual induction dinner at'sWaldorf Astoria hotel on 1-20-88.
Comments:This LP is on marble vinyl, others on the LP are:Dylan, G.Harrison, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, Ben E.King, Elton John, Mary Wilson, Mike Love, Jeff Beck, Dave Edmunds etc..
7 - CD, JF: "Rock and roll allstar"(Different sources) Label: Lite 001
Songs: Mary don't you Weep, My Pretty Baby, Let's Go, Mercy Mercy Baby, I'm a Man, No Loving You, Rock and Roll Girls, My Toot Toot(these songs are from The Rock and Roll All Sar TV special., 1985)(See John Fogerty number 5) Old Man Down The Road, Vanz Kant Danz, Knock on Wood (These are from the Farm Aid Concert 1985) Old Man/Born on the Bayou, Down on the Corner, Who'll Stop the Rain, Up Around the Bend, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son, Proud Mary. (These are from The Vietnam veterans benefit concert,1987).
8 - CD, J.F. : "Live USA" (Vietnam Veterans benefit concert)
Label: IMM 40.90133
Songs: Old Man Down the Road/Born on the Bayou, Down on the Corner, Who'll Stop the Rain, Up Around the Bend, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son, Proud Mary, Headlines, I Found a Love, Change in the Weather.(See John Fogerty number 1)
9 - CD,,J.F.,: "Live USA"(Vietnam Veterans benefit concert)
Label:,IMT 900.133
Songs: Same as on number 8
10 - CD, J.F. : "Washington 1987"(Various sources)
Label: Arriba ARR 93.050
Songs: Old Man Down the Road/Born on the Bayou, Down on the Corner, Who'll Stop the Rain, Up Around the Bend, Midnight Special, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son, Proud Mary (These are from Vietnam Vets benefit) Lodi, Travelin' Band, Hey tonight, Green River. (These are From CCR live in Oakland and Fillmore West, see Creedence section)
11 - CD, JF: "Vet's rousing Welcome home"(Various sources)
Label: LSCD 51103, 1995.
songs: Old Man Down the Road/Born on the Bayou, Down on the Corner, Who'll Stop the Rain, Up Around, Midnight special, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Sn, Proud Mary (These are from Vietnam Vets benefit); Headlines, I Found a Love, Change in the Weather (these are supposed to be from Dec. 7th 1986 live concert in Oakland,CA.)
12 - CD, JF: "Vets rousing Welcome home"(Various sources)
Label: GZCD 1103, 1991.
Songs: Same as number 11 on this list,but released 4 years earlier. See Front Cover at the start of this list.
13 - CD, JF: "The unreleased Hoodoo album"
Label: Happyweed HW 039, 1996.
Songs: You Got The Magic, Between the Lines, Leave my Woman Alone, Marchin' to Blarney, Hoodoo Man, Telephone, Evil Thing, Henrietta, On the Run, You got the Magic, Evil thing. Comments: The CD sleeve says these are from the original acetate,which certainly isn't true. Average quality.The last two songs are from the original single release, but they took one with a bad condition.The label also says "live", but the only thing really live on this disc is the tape hiss...
14 - CD, Various artists + JF: "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"(3rd annual induction, Jan. 20th,1988. Waldorf Astoria,New york.)
Label: Living Legend LLRCD 101, 1991
Songs: 12 track CD,incl." Born on the Bayou" done by Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen,Neil Young, Nile Rodgers and others.
15 - CD, Various artists + JF:"Rock and roll hall of fame"(Jan. 12 th, 1993, Century Plaza Hotel, LA, CA)
Label: P 910071
Songs: 11 track CD includes three songs: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Who'll Stop the Rain. John Fogerty together with Bruce Springsteen, Robbie Robertson, Roy Bittan, Benmour Tench, Don Was, Jim Keltner.
Comments: This is the famous one where John decided not to play with his old band mates Stu Cook and and Doug Clifford...
16 - CD, Various artists +JF: "The rock and roll hall of fame 1993"(same as number 15)
Label: Front Row 40, 1993.
Songs: 10 track CD with the same 3 songs as number 15 on this list.
17 - CD, Various artists + JF: " Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Superstar Jams, volume 3"
Label: Yellow Cat YC 021, 1994
Songs: 10 track CD with same songs as number 15 on the list.
18 - 2CDset, Grateful Dead + JF: " The Bill Graham Benefit Concert " (Golden Gate Park, SF, November 3rd, 1991
Label: Hallmark HM 010
Songs: 13 track 2 CD set with 4 songs together with John Fogerty: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary.
Comments: This was the Bill Graham Tribute Concert, Bill died in a helicopter crash a few months before. He was the guy who organised the Fillmore and Avalon concerts. John Fogerty was asked to play,but said he had no group so the Grateful Dead promptly said they wanted to play with him.
19 - CD, Grateful Dead +JF: "Billy and the Dead"
Label: Black Lemon Records BL-666
Songs: 12 track CD with 3 songs together with John Fogerty: Born on the Bayou, Green River, Bad Moon Rising. (Proud Mary is missing)(See number 18 for more information)
20 - CD, Grateful Dead +JF: "Dead moon rising"
Label: Tuff bites, TB 95.1018, 1994.
Songs: 11 track CD, 4 songs together with John. More details, see number 18 on the list.
21 - CD, Bruce Springsteen + JF: "Who'll stop the Boss"
Label: Banzai BZ CD 008, 1994
Songs: 11 track CD, 3 songs with John Fogerty etc, see number 15
22 - CD, Bruce Springsteen + JF: "Warm and Tender Love"
Label: KTS 280, 1994.
Songs: 14 track CD, 3 songs with John Fogerty, see number 15 on the list.
23 - CD, Bruce Springsteen + JF: "Philadelphia"
Label: Dead dog Records SE 467, 1994
Songs: 15 track CD, one song "Born on the Bayou" together with John Fogerty, this song also comes from the Rock 'n'Roll Hall off Fame(See number 15 on the list)
24 - CD, The Silver Wilburys +JF:"The Silver Wilburys Live"
Label: SWP 87-2, 1988.
Songs: 1 Farther on Down the Road, 2 introducing, 3 Matchbox, 4 Knock on Wood, 5 Midnight Hour, 6 Honey don't 7 Blue Suede Shoes 8 Watching the River Flow, 9 Proud Mary, 10 Johnny B. Goode 11 Hand Jive 12 Peggy Sue 13 Dizzy miss Lizzy 14 Lucille 15 Twist and Shout.
Comments: Band is: Jesse Ed Davis, Taj Mahal, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty. John plays guitar on tracks 3 to 15. John sings on tracks 7, 9 and 15.
25 - CD, The Golden Wilburys+JF: "The Golden Wilburys"
Label: Front row 37, 1993.
Songs: See number 24 on the list.
26 - 6 CD box, Various artists + John Fogerty: "The Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame" (Cleveland, Ohio, Sept 2nd, 1995.)
Label: Moonraker, 014-19, 1995
Songs: 67 songs from different artists including "Born on the Bayou " and "Fortunate Son" by John Fogerty and " In the Midnight hour" a duet by John Fogerty and Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave)
Comments: Backing group: Booker T and the M.G's.



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