A Short Story

At a time when most of the classic bands were making unimagined comebacks amidst, competing and in most cases, overshadowing completely a flourish of interesting although repetitious "alternative" contemporary rock formations, Creedence Clearwater Revival was the only big rock group from the late sixties that had all but vanished from the face of the earth. Former frontman John Fogerty has published just four scattered albums [and killed a fifth] in the 24 years or so that have lapsed since Creedence disbanded in October 1972; his older brother Tom -who left the group in 1971 because he felt restrained creatively by John- died in 1990; and bass player Stu Cook and drummer Doug 'Cosmo' Clifford have been in retirement on and off from joint collaborations in Doug Sahm band and The Don Harrison Band and, in Stu Cook's case, the Southern Pacific Band.

But the audience's interest in Creedence has not gone away. Witness to that are the countless "Greatest Hits" CDs repackaged by Fantasy Records; the increased featuring of Creedence songs in blockbuster films and the induction of the band at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. Regardless, the songs of Creedence were not available to concert audiences. John Fogerty rarely performed in public and then he had always shunned away the chance to do his old time classics on stage, going instead for his most recent and less known productions or for covers of pop and country tunes. Only after 1987 did he consent to play the CCR songs in his all too rare appearences. Seldom has a top-class Rock Band dropped so sharply from the public eye.

Realizing this and very much aware that all time CCR supporters deserved a break, long time friends and Incline Village neighbors Stu Cook and Doug Clifford got together again in 1995 - almost 23 years to the day after their classic band folded - and decided to bring the legend back to life.

After askimg John Fogerty to join them in a reunion tour -to which the writer of immortal songs as Proud Mary Revisited Poster and Green River showed no interest in whatsoever- they opted for going ahead on their own. People close to John Fogerty explain his refusal on the grounds that Fogerty accuses Cook and especially, Clifford, of supporting Fantasy's Saul Zaentz on the "Old Man Down the Road" 1985 plagiarism lawsuit against him, something Cook and Clifford vehemently deny.

When the band folded in 1972, the Creedence Clearwater Revival name went on to be the property of a partnership made of equal parts by the four former band members. Since Tom's passing his widow keeps holding his share. By the legal majority rule of three [Cook, Clifford and Tom's widow] the ex-members partnership granted the use of the Creedence Clearwater Revival denomination to Stu and Doug. Be it as it were, John Fogerty had declined to be on board and the Cook/Clifford team felt it was unfair to their audiences to tour under the full old name in such conditions. The partnership's majority authorization notwithstanding, Stu and Clifford chose to create a new band name, something that while taking its roots from the common inheritance, would not fail to reflect the new musical and personal approach, barring by the same token any possibility for confusion. Perhaps one of them remembered some Aldous Huxley reading long ago, who knows? The fact is that they hit the mark with Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

With Elliot Easton - formerly of The Cars- on lead guitar, John Tristao on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Steve Gunner on keyboards and rhythm guitar, the Creedence Clearwater Revisited took the road. 1972 was just around the corner...

The first press report on the new band was published in the Bonanza-Incline News on the 8th of August, 1995. After getting their act together they started touring Europe, last seen at the 1972 CCR-as-a-trio gig. Before sailing the band issued a Disclaimer to their public insisting on the fact that this was not Creedence Clearwater Revival although Stu-Cosmo were two of the four original band members and classic songs would be performed at the shows. ??On learning his, John Fogerty sued his former band mates and his brother's widow on charges of copyright infringment, fraud and artistic appropriation. The trial date is scheduled for sometime in 1997. In the meantine, Fogerty filed a petition for a Temporary Injunction against the new band seeking to prevent Cook and Clifford from touring under their choosen name or any other similar to the original band's. In October 1996 a Los Angeles Court granted Fogerty the Temporary Injunction Order so that until the trial itself is resolved Cook and Clifford shan't use the Creedence Clearwater Revisited name.

Since being served with the Injunction order, Cook and Clifford and their band resumed touring and were introduced as "STU COOK AND DOUG CLIFFORD PRESENT THE MUSIC OF CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL." Upon learning that John Fogerty opposed that too, they decided to call their act STU COOK AND DOUG CLIFFORD PRESENT "COSMO'S FACTORY", COSMO being drummer Clifford's nickname as well as the title of the old band's fifth album.

The Cook/Clifford team went back on tour by the end of 1997. They filed an appeals against the Temporary Injunction Order. In July 1997 the Injunction was "Stayed until further notice", meaning the band could go out as Creedence Clearwater Revisited pending the writing of the decision that would settle the Injunction proceedings. The trial itself is still waiting for an appointed date.

For Stu Cook/Doug Clifford gigs, see the Creedence Summit in L.A. Section, and keep track of their concert dates at the On Tour 97! Section. For news updates, check the Headlines section. For legal clarifications, See Footnote Nš 1



This is the standard Song List for Creedence Clearwater Revisited / Cosmo's Factory gigs in 1996

  1. Born on the Bayou
  2. Green River
  3. Lodi
  4. Commotion
  5. Who'll Stop the Rain
  6. Suzie Q
  7. Hey Tonight
  8. Long as I Can See the Light
  9. Down on the Corner
  10. Lookin' Out My Back Door
  11. Tombstone Shadow
  12. It Came Out of the Sky
  13. I Heard it Through the Grapevine
  14. Bootleg
  15. Bad Moon Rising
  16. Proud Mary
  17. I Put a Spell on You
  18. Fortunate Son

  19. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
  20. Travelin' Band Run
  21. Through the Jungle
  22. Up Around the Bend

See Footnote Nš 2



In the months the Revisited band has been on the road their shows attracted huge audiences. Cook and Clifford's team have set its mind on performing classic Creedence tunes only - John Fogerty originals and famous Creedence covers - but none of the former bass and drummer own songs which were included in the Revival's last album Mardi Gras, based on that those are not "Creedence Standards".

This tour has drawn some discussions on the part of CCR fans. There are some that support Cook/Clifford's Revisited project while others disagree with the idea of Cook and Clifford touring under the Creedence Clearwater Revisited banner and would like instead to see them perform under another name. ??River-Rising CCR Mailing List folk and contributors to the Web site attend Revisited/Cosmo's Factory gigs. Their reviews can be found at the Chooglin' Corner of this Net Site and are required reading for anyone looking to a fair opinion on this controversy.

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