Features Doug Clifford on Drums, Stu Cook on Bass. Record Produced by Doug Clifford.Released 1974.

1- Groovers Paradise
2- Devil Heart
3- Houston Chicks
4- For the Sake of Rock'n Roll
5- Beautiful Texas Sunshine
1- Just Groove Me
2- Girls Today (Don't Like to Sleep Alone)
3- La Cacahuata... (Peanut)
4- Her Dream Man Never Came
5- Catch Me in the Morning

All selections written by Doug Sahm except Side Two # 3 written by Luis Guerrero.

  • Doug Sahm - Guitar, Vocal, Piano
  • Doug Clifford - DrumsDoug Sahm Groovers album cover
  • Stu Cook - Bass Guitar
  • Link Davis Jr - Alto Tenor Bari Piano Organ Fiddle Vocal
  • Frank Rodarte - Alto Tenor Flute Vocals Conga
  • Backup Vocals - The Valley Boys... and the Stovalls
  • Gary Potterton - Steel
  • Ron Stawlings - Tenor Sax
  • John Wilmeth - Trumpet
  • John Rae - Marimba

Engineers - Mallory Earl, John Flores, Russ Gary
Produced by Doug Clifford for DSR Productions
Released 1974 by Warner Bros Records. Inc- BS2810


by Javier Diaz

This is an outstandingly original album, perhaps the best output by the team Doug Clifford - Stu Cook after the passing of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The tunes have an infectious joyful spirit, kindda lazy on the melodical side and very much lighthearted on the rhythm section.

This record talks about girls and the music reflects it everywhere. The first tune which gives the title to the album has an intro on drums, bass and rhythm guitar like a teaser of CCR version of Ooby Dooby. "Catch Me In The Morning", which closes the album, is a superb light and dark too realistic song about what happens the next day enough to make you cry again. The remaining eight songs in between this musical tortilla have all the same flavor of fun, mid afternoon drowsiness and anticipation of what the evening and the night bring along.

All in all, a superbly crafted album that shows Doug Clifford as a producer at his best, a tight rhythm section teamed up with the right man, a nice selection of songs and the strongest will to make good music. A Must Have Record on its own right.


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