• NAME - Stuart Cook
  • DATE OF BIRTH - April 25, 1945
  • PLACE OF BIRTH - Berkeley, California, USA
  • FAVORITE SINGER - Dave Mason, Steve Winwood, Paul McCartney
  • FAVORITE BAND - The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Traffic
  • SONGWRITER - Dave Mason, Paul Simon
  • RHYTHM - Rock and Blues
  • SONG - Feeling Allright (Traffic)
  • MUSICAL IDEA - Clean Sound
  • RHYTHM FOR NEXT TEN YEARS - Blues and Progressive Rock

[from a Creedence Clearwater Revival press kit circa 1970]


Stu Cook's history runs parallel with his original band Creedence Clearwater Revival. After the group split in October 16, 1972, Cook teamed up with original CCR drummer DOUG CLIFFORD and, both being the rhythm section of the Revival, went on to perform on and off with ex-CCR rhythm guitar Tom Fogerty, who had quit one year before Creedence folded.


In 1974 Cook and Clifford provided the rhythm section for Doug Sahm's TEX MEX TRIP. He played bass on the outstanding "GROOVERS PARADISE Tex-Mex Trip" .


In 1976 Cook and Doug Clifford joined THE DON HARRISON BAND project playing bass and drums, where they published first album"The Don Harrison Band." This group received some coverage but it's momentum lasted only for the closely released follow-up album"Red Hot" and then it died.


A long silence fell. Then in 1986 Stu Cook resurfaced and joined the "Southern Pacific" band, where he replaced Jerry Scheff on bass and background vocals. He remained with Southern Pacific from its second album to the fourth and last studio recording in 1990.


In 1995 Stu Cook and friend Doug Clifford fronted Creedence Clearwater Revisited and began touring with that name until October 1996. After former original bandmate John Fogerty got an Temporary Injunction Order against them performing under that name pending final ruling on the trial scheduled for sometime in 1997, they were briefly introduced as "Stu Cook and Doug Clifford Present The Music Of Creedence Clearwater Revival". They have settled for the name "Cosmo's Factory", Cosmo being the nickname of drummer Doug Clifford.



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