"The newspapers came
and made Jody a
National Hero"



On this page you'll find historical 
and hard to find  John Fogerty interviews


  • The  Rolling Stone Magazine Interview, 1993
    Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the 1993 Rock& Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Rolling Stone Magazine published this four page interview of John Fogerty by Michael Goldberg in its issue 649 of February 4th, 1993. The cover of the magazine ran a big headline "JOHN FOGERTY Creedence Clearwater Remembered". This interview is not available on the Rolling Stone Website. Full Text.

  • The Time Magazine "CENTERFIELD" Interview, 1985
    "High Tide on the Green River" is Jay Coks part interview, part article on the release of John Fogerty's Centerfield album on WB, published in the January 28, 1985 issue of Time Magazine. Full Text.


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