John Fogerty at the Late Show. Opening Credit


JUNE 5 and 6, 1997

TV Screen Captures by
Bruno Berthold,

John Fogerty was David Letterman's guest at the CBS Late Show on June 5 and 6, 1997. The show was taped on the 4th.

River Rising presents some visual highlights.

David Letterman with BMS CDDave Letterman with the
Blue Moon Swamp CD, June 5.


John FogertyAt Work, June 5.

John's BandWith the Band, June 5

He was there...John Fogerty and Late Show Logo


The June 6 Performance


May 6, n. 1June 6, n. 2June 6, n. 3June 6, n. 4

June 6, n. 5June 6, n. 6jUNE 6, n. 7June 6, n. 8 and final


Fogerty and Letterman, June 6Well, John, you left me speechless....

Thanks, Dave, see you soon...Letterman and Fogerty, June 5


BONUS - Creedence at the Ed Sullivan Show

The Dave Letterman Show is taped in the Ed Sullivan Theatre, N.Y.
In 1970 Creedence performed at the same place, in the legendary
Ed Sullivan Show (screen captures by Bruno Berthold).

CCR with Ed Sullivan

CCR with Ed Sullivan CCR with Ed Sullivan



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