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Updated May 30, 1998

  • PREMONITION - The official Album, first look at the package [May 30]
  • PREMONITION - TV screen captures of Premonition video [May 30]
  • ALL THE CREEDENCE ALBUMS - New layout at the Creedence Clearwater Revival Albums section. Full information on the Golliwogs LP; the CCR seven  official albums; The (Royal Albert Hall) Concert LP; the Live in Europe missing tracks; the 1994 official release of CCR at Woodstock; and the most complete unofficial material yet.
  • PREMONITION ADVANCE CD - A first! Photos and liner notes from John Fogerty PREMONITION Advance CD. Please see the Disclaimer which explains why we can't post audio samples of this great album.
  • JOHN FOGERTY IN TORONTO, 1997 - The long overdue WebPublication of Jack Bradley's review of JF Concert in Toronto, May 30, 1997. Plus the Toronto newspapers reviews.
  • GOLDMINE FOGERTY ARTICLE - Complete   July 1997 GOLDMINE 10 pages-long article on John Fogerty, by Craig Werner. WebPublished here by author's kind permission.

  • STU COOK BASS PLAYER INTERVIEW - The Complete, non-edited  April 1998 BASS PLAYER article on Stu Cook. WebPublished here by author's Ed Friedlander kind permission.

  • MORE JOHN FOGERTY CONCERT DATES - The U.S.A. 1998 Tour dates listed. Mid-July, August  98 dates to be confirmed. Please check with the local promoters and at the John Fogerty Website.

  • REAL AUDIO AT THE RIVER WEB - The River Rising Web is REAL AUDIO enabled. To begin with, look for Creedence Clearwater Revisited's RECOLLECTION live album (selected songs) in the Real Audio format (for 28.8 Kbps modem connection.)

  • THE RIVER RISING PROUDLY PRESENTS... CCRv LIVE! - In Real AudioWe have  Audio   clips from seven tunes in RECOLLECTION, Creedence Clearwater Revisited's incoming Live double CD. Files are REAL AUDIO and also MP3 , stereo, FM quality. Also we put a Link to Real Audio.com and to an Mpeg player (shareware). And we have the full album Songlist. Audio clips are posted by permission.

  • HISTORICAL! FIRST "TIME" MAGAZINE PIECE ON CCR [1969] - Complete transcription of a July 1969 Time Magazine article on early Creedence. See "Press Articles" at the Creedence Clearwater Revival Section of this River Rising Website.

  • JOHN FOGERTY COMPLETE BOOTLEG RECORDINGS - The updated complete John Fogerty Bootleg Recordings listing is available at the John Fogerty Section. Featuring four CDs from the 1997 "Blue Moon Swamp Tour". Please see the Disclaimer.

  • FANTASY RECORDS ANNOUNCES CCR HAS DISBANDED, Oct. 1972 - Original announcement letter. See "Memorabilia" at the Creedence Clearwater Revival Section.

  • ALLTOUR 98! LISTINGS - So far, Creedence Clearwater Revisited 1998 POSSIBLE European dates. Check often for confirmation.  European dates confirmed.

  • AUDIO MAGAZINE AND EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA FOGERTY INTERVIEWS - Two highly controversial John Fogerty interviews, complete (translated) at the River Rising Web. See MOONWATCH!, the John Fogerty Blue Moon Swamp Section under Interviews.

  • JOHN FOGERTY FAQs PAGE - The first installment of the John Fogerty FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Page is on-line now at the River Rising. Look for John Fogerty FAQs at the John Fogerty Section of this Website.

  • HTTP://WWW.RIVER-RISING.CL - The River Rising Web has  its own URL at http://www.river-rising.cl (non case-sensitive). The old URL (http://www.update.cl/creedence.cl) will not work after March 1, 1998.

  • THE GOLLIWOGS PRE-CREEDENCE   - First time on the Web! The original  LP Cover, Song List and Liner Notes. See under  Creedence Clearwater Revival "THE ALBUMS" Section

  • MOONWATCH! lists all the Blue Moon Swamp Section links (BMS history, Tour Reviews, Articles, Photos.)

  • TOM FOGERTY Section has all the solo album covers under "Discography"

  • JOHN FOGERTY Section lists all the related River Rising links at the frame on the left

  • ENHANCED JAVIER'S CCR RECOLLECTIONS PAGE - A Warner Bros. photo with John Fogerty and new scans of photos with Doug Clifford and Stu Cook.

  • JOHN FOGERTY SOLO ALBUM COVERS - All the John Fogerty solo albums including HOODOO! See Album Covers at the John Fogerty Section

  • THE HISTORY OF CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - A special article by Hank Bordowitz, author of the forthcoming book on Creedence "Bad Moon Rising: The Unauthorized History of CCR".