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Creedence Clearwater Revival has proved to be a long lasting influence for important bands and musicians throughout the world. As the Internet develops, many are setting up their own Web Pages and visiting the River-Rising Creedence Site.This page features those bands kind enough to share their music with us, and their work is recommended.


A Canadian group working an outstanding blend of Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Celtic Music. Highland Bagpipe, piano accordion, Hammond organ, mandolin, drums, average rock instruments, a haunting bass and a singer in the league of Van Morrison make out this special sound. The songs "The Long Way Home"and especially "Open Road" are of those that set the repeat feature of the CD going until you kill off the engine after a two hours drive. This is a well crafted music that belongs just at the crossroads of traditional reel tunes and superb R&B ballads. Their last CD is LIVING RIVER, released by Warner Music, Canada. Thanks to Jack Bradley for calling them to our attention.


Actually, Michael Rescigno (Mick Roberts) on guitar & vocals, Richie Rockit (?) on drums & vocals and M.Iggy.D on bass & vocals. Their album "TOUGH LOVE" was released in 1997 by Mike Rafone Reocrds (as per the label!). Now, you may say many neo punk bands are b-o-o-o-r-i-n-g. But this one is QUITE different indeed. Michael says Creedence was a big musical influence and it shows! This is a blend of Love and Rockets with some post punk and a lot, a lot of talent. They sound, well, LEAN, CLEAN and ROCKIN' (on the tune "Sa Ya Love Me", you can hear Pagan Baby's ending drum rolls and a lot of Suzie Q-reminiscent riffs). The guitars are impeccable and the songs have something to say. Oh, lest we forget, the CD was produced by none other than JOE VITALE.