The Concert LP


The Royal Albert Hall Concert front cover Second Creedence Clearwater Revival Live Album. Released in 1980 -eight years after the band's demise- by Fantasy Records on the Fantasy Label [Fantasy Stereo MPF 4051] it was titled "THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL CONCERT" and the album was said to be "Recorded at London's Royal Albert Hall in April 1980."
But  -as the Record Company itself clarified on a sticker glued to subsequent album releases- Fantasy "gooffed." The show had been in fact recorded in performance on January 31, 1970 at the Oakland Colisseum, by Russ Gary. They renamed the album "The Concert."  

The Concert front cover


John Fogerty - lead guitar, lead vocals, harp
Tom Fogerty - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Stu Cook - bass, backing vocals
Doug Clifford - drums


The Concert Album Songlist

Royal Alberto Hall Front


  1. Born on the Bayou (5:12)
  2. Green River (3:03)
  3. Tombstone Shadow (4:05)
  4. Don't Look Now (2:25)
  5. Travelin' Band (2:07)
  6. Who'll Stop the Rain (2:38)
  7. Bad Moon Rising (2:22)
  8. Proud Mary (3:29)
  1. Fortunate Son (2:25)
  2. Commotion (2:35)
  3. The Midnight Special (3:47)
  4. Night Time is the Right Time (3:24)
  5. Down on the Corner (2:49)
  6. Keep on Cholglin' (9:04)
The Concert Front