The Golliwogs LP Album CoverA 1975 Fantasy Records release, this LP - not available now - is a compilation of  14 songs recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival under its previous name. These tunes had been released earlier as singles under the Scorpio and Fantasy labels.

Catalogue data: Fantasy F-9474
Art Direction  -Phil Carroll; Cover Photo -Phil Bray; Assemblage -Boots






Side 1:

  1. () Don't Tell Me No Lies -1:55
  2. () Little Girl (Does Your Mamma Know) -2:40
  3. () Where You Been -2:25
  4. ()You Came Talking -1:49
  5. () You Can't Be True -2:41
  6. () You Got Nothin' on Me -2:11
  7. (*) Brown-Eyed Girl -2:26

Side 2:

  1. () You Better Be Careful -2:19
  2. () Fight Fire -2:32
  3. (*) Fragile Child -2:36
  4. (*) Walking in the Water -2:29
  5. (*) You Better Get It Before It Gets You -2:49
  6. (*) Porterville -2:20
    J. Fogerty - T. Fogerty - Clifford - Cook
  7. (*) Call It Pretending -2:07
    J. Fogerty - T. Fogerty - Clifford - Cook

All compositions by Thomas R. Fogerty and John C. Fogerty (Cireco Music -BMI [You Better Get It before It gets You - Jondora Music BMI ] ) unless oterwuise indicated. J. Fogerty - T. Fogerty - Clifford - Cook compositions Jondora Music BMI.

These selections were originally released as singles on the Fantasy and Scorpio labels:

  • Don't Tell me No Lies/Little Girl - Fant. 590
  • Where You Been/You Came Walking - Fant. 597
  • You Can't Be True/You Got Nothin' on Me -Fant. 599
  • Brown-Eyed Girl/You Better Be Careful -Scor.404 Fight Fire/Fragile Child -Scor.405
  • Walking on the Water/You Better Get It -Scor. 408
  • Porterville/Call It Pretending -Scor. 412



The Golliwogs Pre-CreedenceIn the Spring of 1964, four high school friends from El Cerrito, California (a small town across the Bay from San Francisco) who had been playing together since 1959 and   touring the California county fairs with their rock 'n' roll band representing the El Cerrito Boys Club, saw a TV documentary on educational television. It was Anatomy of a Hit, a three-part film chronicling the development of Vince Guaraldi's hit disc, "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" on Fantasy.

The young band, then known as The Blue Velvets, made the trip across the Bay to the Fantasy offices in San Francisco and eventually signed with the company. Their first records were released that winter as singles under a new group name, The Golliwogs. The rest is history.

This collection of material shows the roots of a concept which the world now knows as Creedence Clearwater Revival. John, Tom, Doug, and Stu went on to tour the world and make innumerable hit discs, but these records remain a fascinating example fo the birth of a band.