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People Magazine Ad

"From Blue Moon Swamp to a town near you,
From Creedence Clearwater to Centerfield."

"Grammy-Winning John Fogerty   steps up to the plate and hits a homerun."(PEOPLE MAGAZINE AD)



PREMONITION was announced by year's end 1997, scheduled for release in the first semester of 1998 on Warner Bros. Records. Striding away from the classical John Fogerty disgust for live albums, Premonition was surprisingly said to be nothing more, nothing less than a live recording.

In November 1997 Warner Bros. issued invitations for a free John Fogerty concert on December 12 and 13 at one of the Company's Studio lots. JF performed a new song on those shows, "PREMONITION". The venues were taped and rumor was that a compact of the show would be aired as an HBO special sometime into 1998.

Soon it became known that a John Fogerty live album was in the making, and obviously the December performance was the  performance of choice. It was also known that the album would indeed feature classic CCR tunes besides Blue Moon Swamp and other JCF solo songs plus Premonition, which would lend its name to the album. The album was due on Reprise -a WB subsidiary- and release date was tentatively set for June. Video releases were announced as well.

Beginning in May, Reprise Records started to ship advance copies of the full album to record stores, reviewers and concerned people. Radiostations began to broadcast the title song "Premonition".

The album, a single CD issue wich reveals a great deal of re-recording and editing, was released first in Europe. Robert Aerts reported it was in stores on May 29. It is currently available worldwide since june 9, 1998. Check your local record store. A later video release has been delayed. On VHS and DVD format, it is said to include a batch of songs not available on the  CD.


Premonition: The Album
Scans by Robert Aerts, May 29.


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