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"John Fogerty" was first released in 1975, some two years after his enigmatic debut, "The Blue Ridge Rangers", where Fogerty hid his own identity behind that mysterious pseudonym. But where that first album was made up of country favourites, "John Fogerty" saw the singer return to a more orthodox, one closely mirroring that of Creedence Clearwater Revival, the group Fogerty had led as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. Under his hand, Creedence had become hugely successful, recording a string of hit singles (‘Bad Moon Rising’, ‘Proud Mary’ etc) and a succession of strong albums, before breaking up in 1972.

In following the path of his erstwhile group, Fogerty combined a spoonful of rock’n’roll classics with a slew of excellent brand new songs, much in the same way as he’d done on "Bayou Country" or "Cosmo’s Factory". The arrangement proved how time hadn’t weathered Fogerty’s intuitive talent. Two songs in particular, ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ and ‘Almost Saturday Night? can be counted amongst his best; the former is a tough, hard-rock workout which provided a hit for Status Quo, while the latter boasted a gorgeous tune and arrangement and saw versions cut by a succession of artists, none of whom could match the depth and resonance of the original. As always, Fogerty’s choice of cover songs was perfect, with ‘Sea Cruise’ and ‘Lonely Teardrops’ slotting neatly into the collection without any unease.

The result was an album equaling the best of Creedence, one which took that first group’s constituent parts while adding a new solo perspective. "John Fogerty" proved, if any proof was needed, that Creedence was his unique vision, and that Fogerty’s special talent had survived the trauma of the break-up intact. His solo career now seemed secure, yet a lone 1976 single apart, Fogerty would lay low for almost a decade. That single, ‘You Got The Magic’ b/w ‘Evil Thing’ was only a very minor US Hit, a position which didn’t reflect its musical worth, and closed Fogerty’s association with the Fantasy label.

On leaving, Fogerty switched to Asylum but although his projected album for them, "Hoodoo" was given a catalogue number, it would ultimately be shelved, a decision which saw the singer in seclusion until 1985, when he re-emerged with the marvellous "Centerfield" [sic].

Since then, John Fogerty has deservedly re-established his career, playing the same individual, uncompromising styles as he did on this release, where his unerring empathy for America’s pop heritage provided Fogerty with yet another essential collecton. [sic]

Brian Hogg - 1987

Rockin’ All Over The World (J C Fogerty)

You Rascal You (S Theard) EMI Music Pub Ltd

The Wall (J C Fogerty)

Travelin’ High (J C Fogerty)

Lonely Teardrops (Berry Gordy, Tyran Carlo) Jewel Music Pub Co Ltd

Almost Saturday Night (J C Fogerty)

Where The River Flows ( J C Fogerty)

Sea Cruise ( Huey P Smith, John Vincent) EMI Music Pub Ltd

Dream Song ( JC Fogerty)

Flying Away ( J C Fogerty)

Arranged and Produced by John Fogerty

All Titles Warner Bros Music Ltds.

Running Time: 45 mins 24 secs

Post Production by The Exchange

Marketed by Ace Records Ltd 48-50 Steele Road, London NW10 7AS




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