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PREMONITION Advance CD cover


As was the case with BLUE MOON SWAMP, the recording company issued an Advance CD.



Musical Arrangements by John Fogerty
Produced by John Fogerty and Elliot Scheiner
Promotion Only. Not For Sale.

Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company.

World Wide Web: 1988 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S. Made In U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

CD Advance                                   2-46908-AB





The Premonition
Advance Disk

[In white color, the CD reads]

In-House Album  Pre-Advance
For Promotion Only - Not For Sale
[not for production - cd clone]




Premonition Advance CD Liner Notes

Premonition Liner Notes

(liner notes)

"Fresh from the Grammy-winning (Best Rock Album) success of Blue Moon Swamp, John Fogerty returns with Premonition. Recorded on Soundstage 15 of the Warner Bros. Studio lot before a live audience last December 12 and 13, Premonition features 18 electrifying renditions of Fogerty's greatest songs- including many of the ones he wrote for and performed with Creedence Clearwater Revival up to Blue Moon Swamp.. . and beyond. There's an all-new title track written especially for this concert and album, plus songs from John's earlier post-CCR solo career which he hasn't performed in years. It's an extraordinary celebration of one of the all-time-greatest rock 'n' rollers at the very pinnacle of his powers.

"VH1 will air the world premiere of the "Premonition" concert film -in a special 9O-minute version- on June 6. It'll be immediately preceded by a new VH1 "Legends" program focusing on Fogerty and his life in music. "Premonition" will air extensively (in a 60-minute version) on VH1 over the next several months. Two videos drawn from the concert, "Premonition" and a classic Fogerty song from his Creedence repertoire (track to be determined), will begin airing onVH1 two weeks before the premiere. VH1 will also be airing promos to set-up "Premonition," beginning one week prior to the premiere. PBS will also be broadcasting "Premonition" in late summer.

"Premonition" is the album's first single, hitting radio in mid-May. A multi-format major promotional campaign is a certainty.


"Look for extensive media attention surrounding the release of the album. John has been in the spotlight continually since the release of Blue Moon Swamp last year: he's made four separate David Letterman appearances, two Jay Leno guestings, taped critically acclaimed episodes of VH1's "Storytellers" and "Hard Rock Live," toured extensively in North America and Europe and received incredible press notices. With the added luster of his recent Grammy win, combined with recognition for John as a composer (The National Association Of Songwriters 1997 Lifetime Achievement Award), an instrumentalist (The Orville Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award) and as an in-concert phenomenon (Performance magazine's Theater Tour of the Year), the John Fogerty juggernaut continues with visibility assured for the foreseeable future.


"As a run-up to the release of the new album and VH1 premiere, John will be making two back-to-back appearances at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival this month, serving as a prelude to a massive U.S. tour that begins in June and runs throughout the summer.


"A companion home video of "Premonition"-including four songs not included on CD and cassette versions- is also available. Laser disc and DVD versions will be released one month later.

CD ADVANCE                                                                             2-46908-AB


Commercial Dates & Others
Release Dates

release dates

CD/Cassette: 6/9/98
Home Video/VHS: 6/9/98
DVD & Laser Disc: 6/23/98 

Album Advance: 4/21/98
Premonition" Pro-CD: 5/5/98 (Bulk To Staff)
"Premonition" Pro-CD: 5/12/98 (Radio Service)

"Premonition" and one other (TBD) clip start airing In Large
Rotation week of 5/25/98 and 6/1/98
John Fogerty VHI "Legends" premieres 6/6/98 at 9:00 PM
"Premonition" premieres 6/6/98 at 10:00 PM

"Legends" 6/9/98 at 10 PM.
"Premonition" 6/9/98
at 11 PM.
"Premonition" 6/12/98 at 2 AM.
6/24/98 at 12 AM.
"Premonition" 6/27/98 at 7 PM.

CD Advance                                                        2-46908-AB



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